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The testimonials are from real patients, their families and friends who would like to share their experiences and might help others who suffer from spinal trauma. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and find them as inspiring as we did.

I could dress this up, however the truth is without Shaun Ridgeway's expertise, sense of urgency and assertiveness, I wouldn't be here to tell the story. He once said I was his luckiest patient, for me this is so true, not lucky I survived but lucky my surgeon was Shaun, without who the end to this traumatic event in my life would have been so different. Words just don't seem enough.

Avril L

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Mr Ridgeway for a second opinion following previous spinal surgery and ongoing and increasing symptoms. I was only able to walk with crutches, had very poor mobility and was pretty much house bound at age 26. From my first consultation to now where I am 10 months post TLIF surgery I have felt in very good hands and confident I was receiving the best care possible. Mr Ridgeway was and continues to be caring, kind, professional, knowledgable, friendly and realistic.

No question was stupid, everything was thoroughly explained and my expectations were managed from the off. I live over 240 miles away from the hospital I had my surgery at and nothing was too much trouble for Mr Ridgeway or Carol. Appointment times are always made for the middle of the day to allow us to travel out of rush hour and when my family stayed locally or travelled daily to visit me post surgery nothing was too much trouble. We all agree now that travelling the journey is worth it for the expert care I have and continue to receive.

10 months post surgery and with minor residual symptoms I am now able to enjoy all the things I was unable to do for so long. The operation and Mr Ridgeway really gave me my life back and I am truly grateful.

Thank you :) :)

This will not be long, but a huge, huge thank you for being the most attentive, caring surgeon, with pain relief skills. I was almost unable to walk prior to operation with dreadful nerve pains to both legs, after a double fusion, even though my actual spine is still tender and healing, those shooting pains have almost disappeared, and I am only 5 months in from a year for a full recovery.

Karmal D.

When I first met Mr Shaun Ridgeway I had been in severe pain for 8 months with dreadful sciatica in my leg. I had tried numerous pain killers, physiotherapy, spinal injection, chiropractor etc but nothing helped. How very fortunate I was to be one of Mr idgeway's patients. From the outset of my first consultation with him I knew I had found the right specialist to help me. He is so professional, kind, clever and absolutely amazing at what he does. He performed an L5/S1 decompression on me which was completely successful. I woke up from the anaesthetic to be totally leg pain free!! It was such a big relief after having suffered the entire 8 months day and night in excruciating pain. I just wish I had found Mr Ridgeway sooner. I thank him, Carol and all the staff for everything they did for me.

Many, many thanks again
Ros S.

First of all I must thank you and your team for performing timely emergency spinal surgery, which in fact saved my life. I also want to write how much I value your friendly and honest approach and attitude to patient care and patient-consultant interactions: your bedside manner and conversations pre - and post-operative have been extremely re-assuring. I know I am not yet completely cured and may well write again once so.

With my very best wishes
Dr Michael H.

I am writing to you because I would like to express my sincerest thanks for everything that you have done for me.

I have suffered with chronic back pains ever since my accident back in February 2010 and has been compounded by having Fibromyalgia too.

I had given up hope of ever being pain free and as time passed I began to think that I would be just happy to h2ve less pain if not completely.

This is what you have done for me, you have operated on my back (10th/09/2014). The decompression operation that you performed on me, although only two weeks ago, seems to have worked, it is just amazing and surreal to have no pain or buzzing, pins and needles or numbness, it is like my leg is empty, as odd as that sounds.

To someone who has so many other health and pain problems, having one area of pain cured is like winning the lottery, although still recovering from the operation, I feel elated. 1 have been treated amazingly by you and everyone that has been involved with all of my care at both the B.M.I Bishop Wood and The Clementine Churchill hospital. Not once have I been made to feel different because I am an N.H.S patient, infact, it was me that felt bad for having private treatment.

The treatment of me during and after my operation at the Clementine Churchill hospital was outstanding and like nothing I have experienced at a hospital before, every single person that entered my room from nurses, doctors, catering staff and cleaners, and of course, everyone who was in theatre and the people putting me to sleep, all were respectful, helpful and kind, people could not do enough for me and I feel truly humbled to have experienced this level of care.

I really appreciated Carol coming to see me also, after only speaking to someone on the phone it was great to actually meet, she was super lovely and friendly and just what I needed, please could you pass on my heartfelt thanks to her too.

Once again Mr. Ridgeway, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you for doing everything that you have done for me, many a person has told me you are the best there is, and you truly are the best.

Kind Regard's
Sharon R.

Dear Mr. S. Ridgeway & Carol

Would you please accept my big big thanks for the operation on my spinal back carried out by you, Mr. Ridgeway and your team.

Since the operation I become a different person with no pain and back to my usual self as before. Thanking you, Mr. Ridgeway.

Thanking you, Carol, for your help and advice all the time.

Best Regards
Leslie Z.

Dear Shaun,

You will be pleased to know that the L3 I L4 injections on 1 0. June are still working fine after 16

I can walk, sleep & play Tennis without any pain. Occasionally my right calf muscle plays up a bit but this passes in minutes.

The tingling and restless leg syndrome have gone.

Hence, I am delighted with the treatment received and most grateful !!!

Kind regards & best wishes,

Dear Mr. Ridgeway

Thank you so much for doing my operation and giving me my right arm back.

Your skill and expertise not only repairs bodies but peoples' lives, your family must be very proud of
you. To have the ability to change lives in such a dramatic way is a treasured gift and I feel incredibly
lucky to have benefitted from that gift.

I know I have a way to go to regaining the full strength in my arm, but I am now looking positively
and optimistically to the future.

Also a huge thank you to Carole who has been supportive and helpful every step of the way and her
proactive approach to getting things done certainly got things done! Nothing was too much trouble
and if my partner Kim asked something of her there was never any doubt that she would give 110%
to ensure the best possible outcome.

I shall see you on Thursday for my post operative appointment.

Thank you again.
Kind Regards
John B.

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